Y2- Day 50 – Two Dinners

My daughter texted me a dish she made up on Sunday and I replied with my dinner photo.  Worth trying out and easy peasy.

Her Sunday dinner:  Mashed sweet potato with salt and hummus (no butter or oil), served with spiced couscous, parsley, cucumber and scallions on top.My Sunday dinner:  Brown rice pasta with organic tomato sauce, vegan meatballs, broccoli and vegan parmesan sprinkles.His Sunday dinner:  Homemade meatballs in an Italian pepper/onion sauce, tucked inside a whole wheat calzone with freshly grated parmesan, mozzarella and a dab of ricotta.  Served with a side of sauce and extra meatballs.Cook’s comment: make a vegan version of this calzone by using vegan meatballs in a homemade sauce with Daiya cheeses or tofu and perhaps some spinach.

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