Y2-Day 5 – Cat-astrophes

I am not naming any names but “somebody” knocked over our teeny tiny adorable second and back-up Christmas tree on Christmas Eve day.  Really?  It had been up and decorated since the day after Thanksgiving and now is when you decide to collide with the holiday decor?  Whichever cat did this?  I have my suspicions.

It took about three hours to  create this magnificence and I had each small, color coordinated, breakable ball spaced just so, avoiding too much of one texture or design in any one petite section of the diminutive, vintage ‘throwback’ white twenty inch tree.  Each of the three twenty red lighted battery operated strands, encircled the short ivory feathered limbs, with accurate visual distance apart so as to cover the compact tree entirely. And, I hid the battery packs under a little round diameter of a wee tree skirt embellished with red sequins.  Around the Lilliputian trunk, I had cleverly disguised the base with a Christmasy scarf I unwound from the neck of a stuffed Christmas polar bear (now shivering, I suppose).  I punctuated it with gold and shiny red slender garland, winding it around and around with care and finesse.

We all know who it must be.  It must be the Christmas cat.  It just has to be Cappuccina.

The other two were otherwise engaged. Nightlight was snug as a bug by my daughter’s head sleeping.  I checked.   Sunset was also supposedly upstairs (or says his alibi but I did not corroborate).  By process of elimination and likelihood, I deem the guilty cat to be our fine furry friend, Cappu.  Some Christmas spirit. Bah hum cat!

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