Y2-Day 34-experimenting in the kitchen

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill

I thought I would be brilliant and use the remnants extracted from my juicer and make crackers.  I placed what I usually toss into the compost pile into a large bowl and proceeded to add coconut flour, ground flax seed, nutritional yeast flakes, a half a ripe avocado and some spices like pasta seasoning and onion powder.  Then I kneaded it well with my hands, decided to give it a whirl in the food processor for a more even texture and flattened it onto non stick aluminum foil on cookie sheets.  I sprinkled crystals of salt on top evenly.  I scored the wet flattened mess into rough rectangular shapes with the back of a knife and baked it till the tops looked dry, turned each square over and allowed the other side to bake dry.  I used to create all sorts of ‘crackers’ when I was raw and dehydrate them so I just winged it.

Taste test: They were ok crackers, nothing to write home about, much better with raw hummus than alone and it was another way of recycling the discarded vestiges of celery, lemons, cucumbers, fennel, apple and carrots.  Also, they were wheat free and not very fattening with only the flax and coconut meals and avocado as the source of richness.  They did taste familiar though, kinda like the juice I extracted only solid and salty.  I added a banana to the juice and blended it for sweetness.  I can honestly say I used and ate or drank all the produce.

Tune in as I work my way through interesting recipes from others.  I am going to tweak it here and there I am sure but I would like to stick to some proven recipes from now on.  And I do it enthusiastically.


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