Y2 – Day 331 – Jerusalem

My friend J is in Jerusalem with her family. I am sickened by the behavior of human beings.

I am afraid for my friend, anyone who believes in anything and those of us with a conscience.

When are we going to catch up to the technological advancements and stop living in dark, barbaric times?

My heart goes out to everyone, Jew or Islamic, Christian or Non-believer, that gives a damn about human life and grieves because they have a heart. This is nonsense. This is horrific.

Everyone just has to pause and lay down their arms and hatred and causes and opinions and really, truly look at what is happening and how we are behaving. It makes no sense. It just escalates.

WE need help! Call in your higher power or logic or whatever and meditate on one thing only: LOVE. Send out love, be love, radiate love, give it away, embrace it and speak it!

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