Y2 – Day 330 – Sugar Withdrawl

As of Friday afternoon, I am off sugar and felt fine till @ today, at exactly 3 days later. Well, I can see why people avoid cutting out sugar. The flu-like symptoms, the headachy, tired bones and extreme exhaustion is enough to make me run into the pantry and down a 5 pound bag of sugar. Especially since I know it would make me feel better in the short run. Of course, in the long run, I need to hold on tight because I want to kick the habit.

I was sitting in front of the lap top trying to wrap my brain around what to write about, when it occurred to me the internet might help here. It seems it is pretty common to experience unpleasant reactions and I am encouraged by some bloggers and statistics that say it might last two weeks, tops. Nonetheless, pretty bad timing on my part. Right before the holidays is not the brightest idea.

I will keep you posted but expect huge mood swings, anger, anxiety and all hell breaking loose. You have been forewarned.

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