Y2 – Day 304 – Mystery at Bower’s

There is a mystery at Bower’s museum and it will be there exclusively until March 15 of next year.  Today was exclusive member day.

It is the sudden discovery of an ancient Chinese civilization dated from 1250 – 1100 BC.

No one knows who they are or what happened to them.  Archaeologists found the site back in 1986.  The fascinating exhibition contains over 120 rare objects mostly in bronze and jade.  The rooms are staged so you can view slides and films of the actual dig, on certain walls.  Most of the artifacts have a photo of exactly where it was found and what condition it was in at the unearthing.  There is also a film room with a documentary and lectures are given throughout the day.  There are headsets with numbered commentaries for each display.  Conveniently, there is a gift shop set up at the end which is in addition to the permanent store.  Twenty percent off for members (only today) immediately had my guest and I intrigued.

I was enthralled by the fact that some masks had gold inlays and the experts are perplexed as to how that is even possible when absolutely no gold has been mined ever from this area in China.  Also, many sacrificial urns with art pieces and a cemetery of tusks were dug up but, strangely, no human bones nor burial grounds were ever found.

Add your own version of “Twilight Zone” music here as I did as I questioned every open -ended and scholar suggested explanation I read throughout the museum exhibit of…

China’s Lost Civilization  – The Mystery of Sanxingdui.

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