Y2 – Day 282 – What I learned

After doing my affirmations yesterday, I learned that I want to harness the mind, let go of limitations, unlock my true potential and for that I need to let go of attachments to outcome.

My body is my temple, and though everything is in a state of flux, I honor my highest self by focusing on self-care.

By connecting to my highest self, I can identify my gifts and my purpose, seeking always to reach, speak, exude and be my own truth, my authentic self.

It’s easier to introduce a new, positive habit into my life and let a negative or unwanted practice to slowly fade out and eventually allowing the positive habit to replace it completely. ┬áLike with foods, bringing in new, more vegetables/fruits and eating less fried or sugary foods.

When we adapt or accept, we don’t suffer, we thrive.

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