Y2 – Day 272 – Finally Cooler

Nice to have it cooler.  Cindi went to visit her cousin, Kublah Khan at Nana’s house.Notice how sketchy it all seems to Cindi.  Meanwhile Kublah wants to play with her guest and Cindi is not interested in the least.  They liked each other when the cat was a kitten a few months ago.  However, now, the cat is larger and perhaps more intimidating.  He was a little too friendly for Cindi and she was apprehensive.  Kublah kept following and trying to get to know Cindi.  They were not aggressive towards each other so the visit went well but no tears were shed on Cindi’s part, when it was time to leave, either.

We call our domesticated animals “pets” because they crave our attention and it does us good to touch them.

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