Y2 – Day 265 – Opening to the Universe

Not only do we have to be open, willing and honest with ourselves but timing is excruciatingly important. In order to recognize and access our abilities we proceed with care, sometimes even trepidation.   If reaching your highest potential comes with a bit of fear you will even deny or suppress your gifts and discard opportunities.

As most of you know, I come from a tale of reversals and uphill battles to a journey of healing and spiritual awakening.  As I have expanded, so has my world and my possibilities.  In every new experience I became more of me as I gave more of myself.

I learned not only what was to be studied, but used my intuition and inward guidance to create a life I love to play in.  Using herbs, essential oils, sounds, music, crystals, cards, guided meditations, touch, study, body work, energy healing, ceremony, sacred space, and careful intention – I delved into ancient practices.

But another path beckoned and I abandoned yogic ritual and practice.  As I retreated, I returned to the familiar and back to basics.  I revisited my diet, my love of gardening and food, my roots, my family, my journaling and writing, my reading, my walking and my steps back to sanity.

As I recovered, I found myself in the hallway, awaiting passion and enthusiasm to return, if ever.  Here, in this uncomfortable but fertile space, I deeply and honestly pierced wounds, uncovered old, worn out bandages and aired out pain as I picked at my own scabs.

As I own my weaknesses, I have come to  acknowledge my strengths as well.  Feeling like a whole human being is a benefit I receive from understanding bits and pieces of the Universe.  As I incorporate all I am into whatever endeavor I offer out, I am rewarded with a full ness only the balance of mind, body and spirit can construct.

And when it was time…my spirit found direction.

If you need a life shift – See me… devoted to enhancing and embracing my development as I take on the studies of Asian Metaphysics.

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