Y2-Day 260

No phone no TV no Internet. After rudely being woken up by our alarm system, a few hours later, we find that all of our cable is out. Quickly I called every company involved. But the biggest priority we are for them is Wednesday around noon.

After mulling that over for a while, I called up a few hours later. ¬†I actually was able to get our appointment 26 hours earlier. But it’s still not today.

Thank goodness I have an iPhone. I am able to receive and send mail As well as post this unimaginative post.

I think we will survive. I am getting a lot of little things done that I might have been distracted before by. No solicitors can call us. And we intend on having a romantic dinner Followed by some conversation And perhaps get a little reading in. I am sure we will be turning in early this evening after a leisurely evening walk with Cindi.

So much for technology and the outside world.

I am grateful for the electricity, water and air conditioning. I am grateful for the quiet. I am grateful for our health and our family and friends. And I never thought I would love my iPhone as much as I love it today.

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