Y2 – Day 258 – Perspective

What you see in things, nature, situations and people can vary but once someone points out what they observe, think or understand, it usually lights up for you too. The fun is in showing someone else what you see and directing their attention to it. If and when they see it too, it becomes a bond and an “aha” moment!

DSC09189I see a tiger face in the middle of this orchid my husband gifted me. And the tiger is sticking its tongue out. Do you see the ears at the top of the face and the mouth defined in dark bordeaux? Look for the spotted section in the middle.

On top of the tiger is what looks like a column and on top of that is a skull looking face with buckteeth. Below the tiger face I see two pink sea monsters passing each other in the night.

Stop to notice what is around you, like the clouds, night sky and the fine details.

A flower can be very entertaining to explore.

What do you see?

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