Y2 – Day 257 – Thinking about Negativity

When we have negative thoughts, it is the identification with those thoughts that make you suffer, not the thoughts.  But it is our mind that controls the body and if you continue to have negative thoughts – you will become ill.  Our cells reproduce our thoughts and make no distinction as to whether they are healthy or not.  Surrender and then surrender again to “all is well”, over and over again, till you let it go and substitute in positive or redeeming thoughts.  What you say, do or think becomes your future, your story and eventually your biography or past.  What you have said, done or thought led you to be the person you are today, right now.  Luckily, we may still have time to improve.

If you must think, at least think well of yourself.

When you wake up from the dream of separation, you realize you do make a difference in the scheme of things because we CREATE with our thoughts.

Silence can be filled with love.  Stay in your Authenticity when you feel the negative vampires breathing down your neck or as you walk into a room where you feel uncomfortable.  It is not true that you need to go around loving everyone and not protect yourself.  Yes, we are One and the negative lives in us but we do not have to give it time, another thought or an audience.  Instead, we set up healthy boundaries to safeguard ourselves and to give the other person an opportunity to grow.  Even Jesus and Buddha set up lines of demarcations.  It has to do with discernment and maturity or wisdom.  As long as you are cordial and polite or say nothing and walk away,  your part may be finished.  There is no need to engage in incidents that do not elevate or enhance your spiritual, physical or mental clarity.

The responsibility is with us.  Welcome everything as if it is the best thing that ever happened.  Then sow what you reap.

“What we speak becomes the house we live in.” – Hafiz

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