Y2 – Day 256 – Self-Inquiry

With Self-Inquiry meditation you bring a question to your mind after a few breaths, eyes closed and into that state of ease.  You break a three word sentence or inquiry into three parts.  For example: What is Happiness?  You imagine the word ‘what’ dropping into the top of your head and into your mind (7th chakra).  Then place the word ‘is’ into your throat chakra.  Proceed with the word ‘happiness’ which enters and radiates into your core.  From here, you let the question – be the answer.

After contemplating and inhaling and exhaling this question/answer, for me, Happiness is No Fear, No Anxiety, No Worry or in other words – “Don’t worry, Be Happy” like the reggae song proclaims.  How true!

And I thought of J and her young nephew who passed and whose motto were these words.  I guess being in gratitude, thinking of others and having close relationships is part of Happiness too.

Try self-inquiry meditation with “Who am I?”  After getting into your relaxed, meditative state, let ‘who’ drop into your mind, breathe ‘am’ into your throat and allow ‘I’ to permeate your body.  And see what appears.  You will have a sense of well-being if nothing else.

“Seeing through to essential nature is the window of enlightenment.” – Roshi

3 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 256 – Self-Inquiry

  1. I just saw someone walking down the street here in NY with one of the Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts yesterday! Never seen one here before.

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