Y2 – Day 244 – Alone Again

Our youngest chickadee left very early this morning for her sophomore year in college.  Here we are, alone again like two young twenty somethings.  Except we are smack dab in the middle of our fifties and have 5 pets living at home still.  Three cats, one doggie and one hamster.  I am quite content and look forward to our ‘alone again’ time.  I am even more madly in love with this man I call my husband than ever.

Today, cell phones abound and they are teeny and smart.  High definition and flat screens are de riguer and most everyone has upgraded to stainless in the kitchen.  The internet, the web, video calling, playing, chatting and movie watching is a common scene on small computers we call laptops or notebooks.  The world has really changed in the last twenty years or so, even more than at any other time.

Even between my son and my youngest daughter, a span of five and a half years, there is quite a difference in the exposure and face of technology but a lack of evolution on the human compassion scale and historical level.

The Simpsons and Seinfeld debuted in 1990.  The Hubbel Space Telescope is launched and quarks are confirmed as a reality.  Personal computers are still in black and green and white only.

By 1993, when V was born, the World Wide Web was also born.  Terrorism arrives and the first bombing of the World Trade Center happens, precursor to 9/11.  Rodney King and the LA riots resemble and predate Ferguson.  Humans are cloned.  Film can now be converted into digital bits and can be cut on a computer.

When my youngest arrived in 1995,  terrorism again struck in Oklahoma and OJ Simpson was declared not guilty.  Genetically manufactured produce is first being approved by the FDA and the White House launches its first web page.  Spamming becomes a thing as e-mail use starts to climb.  “You got mail” remember that?

Today, terrorism has destroyed the World Trade Center and continues to escalate around the world, OJ is in jail for a different crime but behind bars nonetheless, Family Guy and The Simpsons meet in the new season, everything is done it seems by computer like self-checkout at the grocery store, cloning, GMO’s and computer hacking is rampant and I actually got to see multi universes in photographs from the Hubbel Space Telescope in a New York museum near Ground Zero and I have been happily blogging on my very own website for over two years.

Will wonders never cease?

Alone again, but richer experiences.  Alone again, just us two, but with a lifetime of memorable moments, traditions and pictures of our three chickadees.  Alone again, a new phase, with a fun and wonderful future agenda illuminated by a full and rewarding past.


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