Y2 – Day 229 – Should

Should is a bad word.  Could, Would like to or Want to or Will is better.

Instead of I should do this or that, substitute, I could do this or that.  It is a choice this way, not a must have.

Have to is also one of those phrases that implies stress or outside pressure.

Instead of I have to hand this deadline in by noon, I could say, I get to hand this deadline in by noon.

In either example, replacing should or have to with I choose tosupports the notion that the person doing the action is responsible for the action and an outer force is not making that person do it.

So, instead of – I should stop eating fried foods or I have to stop eating fried foods – I tell myself –  I get to stop eating fried foods 0R I choose to stop eating fried foods OR turn it completely around and say what I really mean  – I get to/choose to eat healthily prepared foods.


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