Y2 – Day 228 – affirmation for the day

If we created the problem, then we are the solution.  If my ego gets in my way, it’s the knowing of the Higher Self and the Oneness that brings me back to spiritual answers that untangles the webs.  We ourselves are our liberators, freeing ourselves from the self-centered fear that disables all thoughts, relationships and attitudes.  The ego says, “Kill or be killed.”  We awaken and we see, accept and know ourselves with gratitude and forgiveness.  As you persecute yourself with guilt, suffering and dislike, you keep yourself in the dark.  Forgiveness is a source of healing and the messenger of Love.  Beyond forgiveness, peace awaits you.  Be the vessel for miracles to happen.  You can be used as a communication device with a purpose.  Shift from defensiveness and separation to Love  And, Love doesn’t have to be taught, it is who you are.

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