Y2 – Day 222 – Friday Fretting

As a rule and in order to follow my anti-anxiety class instructions, I don’t listen to the news. Lately though, I have felt the urgency to tune in anyway.  What was I thinking?  I feel I am spiritually fit, mentally strong and emotionally balanced and then I subject and expose myself to a barrage of negative information.  The onslaught of chaos is just like I left it, in tatters.  Why did I believe otherwise?

Needless to say, the news brought on opinions and frustrations I am documenting and pouring out into personal journals so I don’t bore or enrage you.  The deluge of feelings, contradictions and questions I have, had me coming to 3 conclusions.  1) I did not cause this mess. 2) I ain’t going to ever fix it and 3) I can only control my own thinking, words, responses and actions. There are a lot of options: I can change my mind, I can choose differently, I can close my eyes, I can get involved, I can become jaded, I can get incensed, etc.

Right now, I am very disappointed in the human race.  And when has that not been the case?

To re-group, I need to keep the focus on my behavior.  I intend and insist on remaining and being all about the love.  I know love is the only answer.  I know there is a spiritual solution to every problem.  My only course of action today is to profess, be and express love.  I need to let it begin with me.  I am in a suspended state as I rise above my judgments, criticisms and stories.  Maybe tomorrow there will be peace.  Maybe not.  Meantime, I must appreciate my good fortune and fill MY heart with forgiveness and compassion.

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