Y2 – Day 184 – Simple Goddess Traits

The Goddess Within

The authentic woman is a goddess.

The 12 Qualities of an authentic goddess on her lifetime journey are:

Patience – A real woman allows others the dignity to process and respond at their pace. She knows how to open up her own individual channels processing from the intellectual/mind Chakra 6 to the Heart/emotions Chakra 4.   She accomplishes this via chakra 5/throat/communication/expression.  And, again, permitting others to do the same for themselves.

Service – being there for each other – recognizing the goddess in another trying to come through.  The authentic, real goddess is there to guide, listen to the 5th chakra/expression of another and mirror the information back, with tenderness, so they can each gently grow on their path.  She is also available to be of service to another so they can also reap the rewards and pleasure of giving back to her.

Health – physical and mental states are consistently and constantly re-evaluated and improved according to circumstances and age – setting boundaries and knowing their own limits, goddesses take good care of themselves therefore they have a clear understanding of self which is required and explored.  If a goddess needs therapy, help, assistance or motivation, she goes and gets it.  No excuses.

Spiritual – A goddess seeks and pursues soul fulfillment in any and every form.  She lives as much as possible in the moment and remembers, as much as possible, she is LOVE.

Teachable – The genuine goddess is open and willing to change.  She is free to adapt and to see all sides.

Generosity – A bona fide goddess believes in universal abundance. Her mentality springs hopefulness to all and encouragement is her middle name.

Awareness – A goddess comes to a place of acceptance even and especially with her own defects of character, ever improving.  She takes action and responsibility for wrongdoings, flaws and her own idiosyncrasies, seeing herself in reality and as one, whole goddess who still needs to work on herself and can never become complacent.

Joy – The glow of the goddess is her Passion, her Glee and her Enthusiasm!

Humility – A pure goddess is cooperative and non-competitive.  She sees herself as not more or less than anyone else, never above or below another human being, no matter what!  She works interdependently with others.

Kindness – A compassionate goddess does random acts of service anonymously.  She is full of Forgiveness – withholding it blocks her energy from flowing and wounds her deeply.  She will look for ways to disengage and be more objective in order to invite her soft heart to heal and recover by giving of herself tenderly to others.

Rigorous Honesty – A true goddess withholds nothing from herself and is transparent.  Her seeming vulnerability is actually attractive.  Her hugs are sincere, her embraces are heartfelt and she wears her emotions and thoughts on her sleeves knowing higher beings/vibrations/guides/laws protect her.  She KNOWS that the truth always comes out so she sticks to it.

Gratitude – The authentic goddess is gracious, appreciative and carries herself with natural thankfulness.  She realizes the gift of life is precious and that every encounter is holy.  She sees everything as sacred and stays clear of pretension.

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