Y2 – Day 172 – Pup Treats

“Yes, we are going somewhere, yippee, love to ride in the car!!” said Cindi on Thursday.“PUP cupcake at Three Dog Bakery in Arrowhead!  I can be super good doggie!” Cindi said on Friday.“Yum, yum.  I cannot even believe my lucky stars today!” said Cindi, when presented with the opportunity.“Oh, my gosh, it smells so good, I am going to just turn this baby over and start from the bottom up!” Cindi said spiritedly. “I am going to take this over to the grass where I can just plunk myself down and lay down and just enjoy this.  I am in heaven.” said Cindi wagging her tail and in seeming pure ecstasy.“All gone!” said Cindi, exactly 25 seconds later.A day in the life of a special pet with momentary highlights.


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