Y2 – Day 168 – 21 years

Today you are 21 years old.

Twenty one years and eight months ago, I had news you would come to be.  Our gestation period was physically difficult and complicated by horrific, tragic family news. The advent of your birth brought hope, joy and strength to all of us. Your arrival was not exactly as planned but it saved your life.  Gratefully, in womb we had bonded.  Your name was always supposed to be your legacy, but you gave it meaning.

You were a bald, gorgeous and easy baby.  I have never seen or heard of any other infants who rocked and sang themselves to sleep and then awakened themselves up with a smile and a twinkle in their eye.  Everyone admired your disposition.

At five months to the day, you first sat up by yourself.  You cruised and followed your brother like a champion.  You adored your real life ‘Barney’ and Power Ranger partner in crime.   You welcomed your sister with curiosity and openness.  You felt responsible and guided and cared for her.  You showed your reverence and amusement for everything through your lively, personal and unique expression.  You played with cheer, laughing and giggling with heart.

And then you went to school and excelled from day one.  You gave your best effort every day of your life.  Whether you were on soccer or softball, in school or after school, singing or learning or acting, your passion for all of it was clear.  Your determination and dedication sometimes turned into stubborn frustration and you revealed your emotions bluntly, verbalizing and arguing and crying “unfair”.  Your love of all animal life, righteousness, equality and steadfast commitment were established.  Your pulse on justice, history and decorum was astounding.

You were in awe at all you saw and savored life with a maturity beyond your age, with every passing year.  You cared deeply and treated kindly.  You read voraciously.

And now you are 21.

Your hair has grown in beautifully.  Your indignation has bloomed into working for others’ freedom and rights;  legally protesting crimes against humanity and standing up for the wronged, making the world aware of the reparations needed.  Your wonder of the world has turned into an eagerness to be the solution which is the hallmark of great leaders.  You use your developed, natural expressiveness, perseverance and tenacity to influence those about you to better circumstances.  Your kinship and compassion for animals has led you to be ethically vegan.

You are an amazing woman with breathtaking, mature wisdom and a seemingly endless capacity to love, to think, to live, to educate, to write, to inspire, to be thoughtful, to be timely, to empathize, to cook, to be responsible, to bake, to sweeten, to share and to give to this world.  What a gift!

Happy Birthday!

I am so grateful to have been chosen to be your mom.  You have reeducated me. You have supported my every dream with your generous praise, advice, gift of books, writing paraphernalia and thoughtful luxury items. We keep getting to know each other better through the years and you continue to knock my socks off with your beauty, your enthusiasm, your common sense, your depth and your fortitude.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Love you, Mom

PS:  To say I am not impressed and proud of all of my children – is an understatement  – but today it’s about you.

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