Y2 – Day 130 – More on Fear

When pain is shared, the suffering is halved.  When happiness is shared, the joy is doubled.

With open arms and a listening heart, I hear about people’s complaints, problems and fears.

Fear is paralyzing.  It is reasonable and recommended to be aware of one’s surroundings but accidents, intentional drama and spontaneous tragedy still exists around the world with or without all the precautions, worry and anxiety we can carry around.  You still have to live, not die to your life.  Fear stunts growth and limits possibilities.

I always try to appreciate how it could have been worse.  At least I am here to tell about it.  I begin there.  From that perspective – I can add 5 more things I am grateful for.  Five more things I am thankful I have, do not have or is going on right now.  And then everyday, I add five more instances or items.  I think and write – “I got out of bed. “  “I can feel the sun is shining” or “I notice it is raining.” “How wonderful that I have pets, legs, food, etc.”  It does not matter how obvious, small or taken for granted it has been before.  In this way, little by little, the field of vision changes.  Writing it down in black and white keeps it practical and real.  Keeping a Gratitude Notebook changes your attitude.

It also helps to be connected and surrounded by people who want the same thing.  Find companions filled with solution to their problems.  Become a member of a spiritual group that understands acceptance (which does not mean approval or liking it).  It takes willingness to ask for help, to listen and then behave according to right action.  It takes practice. We never turn into perfect human beings without doubt, defects, difficulties and fear yet we are responsible to transform, improve and go deep. We can help others when we share our experiences; validating, warning or educating each other.  How else do we evolve emotionally and intellectually furthering the species?  Wise council, kindred spirits and loving friends help us survive.  It is crucial to become interdependent.

It is the minutia that puts us over the brink.  It is the dangerous neighborhood called your brain that can send you off a cliff.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside, we live in our heads, between our ears with our thoughts (sometimes deranged ones at that).  It is our reactions and attitudes that determine if we are happy or not.  It’s a decision.

It is not to say that it does not matter where or how you live.  Of course, those things will weigh in – but acting and coming from a place of love, compassion and forgiveness for oneself can deeply transform you.  You begin to opt for better, more appropriate, sane decisions and responses.  You find clarity and peace.

We all have opportunities to awaken, change and move forward.  But we do not always want to listen or are ready.  Sometimes staying in denial or labeling ourselves as victims is the best we can do or expect thus thwarting our potential.  Introspection takes courage.  Fear, dread, drama, bad news, tragic events, gossip is all very intoxicating to the lesser, negative side of us.  Why else would rubbernecking be a thing?

That too, is a decision, taken over and over, to bravely seek growth.

It is a miracle when you shift your perception.

When I am not living completely in faith, trust and love – I lose part of myself; and part of my time here on earth.  When I am scared to live, I am dying.  I cannot be of service to anyone when I am in self-centered fear.  I am an example when I am in love with the knowledge that I am love, and so are you.  The Infinite Creative Force only wants us to be happy with ourselves, joyous with others and free of fear.

Life’s challenges are signals to look within.  We all have invitations to respond with fear or love.  We all have obstacles to conquer and no one is exempt.

I know, without help and support; I could not have handled even a small fraction of my illusions or frustrations.  May I look for confidence, encouragement and nourishment and not be too isolated inside my fear, too attached to the ego, too concerned with appearances, to pursue wellness – even when I am feeling extremely vulnerable.

I come from a simple place of eternal love I am blessed to recognize and share with you.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. – E.E. Cummings



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