Y2 – Day 125 – Doubt and Worry

Being filled with doubt and worry is detrimental to your health.  Doubt has to do with wanting something to go your way and worry has to do with how you want something to go.  Doubt is about not having faith and worry is about being afraid to have faith.

When something does not go my way, I doubt myself.  When I am entrenched on the way something is supposed to look like or hooked into the outcome, I worry.  It is a vicious, unhappy and crazy cycle of doom and gloom.

The more out of control I feel because of a lack of self discipline, the more I delude myself into thinking I can control others.  I need to remind myself to keep my side of the street clean and I am not the ringleader of the Universe.  Which reminds me of my friend’s saying, ” It is not my monkey, it is not my circus. ”  But I do believe that “to think globally you have to act locally”, which I saw as a bumper sticker today.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi

When I let go of outcome, the reward is always an unexpected surprise.  For example, when people tell you about a movie and how great it is and you expect to be mesmerized and then undoubtedly you are let down by the reality.  Whereas when you ask people not to tell you or you don’t read the reviews and judge the movie without any previous judgments, you will be objective and occasionally, pleasantly entertained or inspired.

By having patience, checking my motives, becoming fully aware of my intentions and what is behind every fear I have, I can understand my doubt and get beyond my worry.

4 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 125 – Doubt and Worry

  1. great words of advice. sometimes easier said than done. i think my brain likes to over think things and worry, worry, worry, followed by a side of doubt. WHY BRAIN STOP THINKING……. i need to read your blogs and repeat them all day long. yes doubt and worry is bad for your health, so why do we allow it……..

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