Y2 – Day 123 – Discipline Yourself


It takes self-esteem to have self-discipline.  When I act ‘as if’ I can do whatever it is, I demand control and willingness from myself.  The practice of putting myself through the paces in turn gives me back a dose of self-esteem.  Great cycle.

Everything I do with love and passion turns out informing and enlightening me.

Sometimes discipline comes from a place of fear and it always translates to beating yourself up not knowing when or how to stop, blind to balance and instilling severe self-hatred.   You might still achieve the results desired but your journey will be less than happy or rational.  I personally like to learn my lessons (especially given to myself) in an easier, softer manner.  Life already comes with sometimes hard, severe or unwelcome punches. Why would I criticize, anger or belittle myself with self-talk or self-flagellation?   Why would I provoke or promote that?

It is much better, healthier and wiser to come from a place of love.  The satisfaction, the rewards of self-approval and the prudence of attaining self-discipline through awareness, love and right action can only be measured by the equal self-confidence, common sense and sanity that becomes you.  Therefore, motivate yourself with a loving drive, a fitful, assured intent to attain your highest goals conscious of your attitude.  Support your own self and keep a crowd of pleasant, encouraging people to be your cheerleaders.  Be mindful and be complete and whole as you achieve your dreams.

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to It.” – Buddha

Speak to me of what I know in my heart, dear Creative Intelligence.  Express it through me simply, beautifully and intelligibly.  I want to beam and be love.  When love is my focus, my life runs smoother and I am happier. 

“Go do the right thing.” As Dr. Laura suggests.  And remember, a suggestion is a subtle command.

4 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 123 – Discipline Yourself

  1. Great advice and (as always) incorporation of quotes.
    As I often do, I took a pic of this post on my phone- so I may refer to it as needed!

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