Y2 – Day 121 – 4 Essential Oils

Between cooking, growing and harvesting herbs, making cosmetics, soaps and sprays with essential oils, I believe I must have been a potions maker, alchemist, herbalist or chemist in my past life.  The above four essential oils are a must have in my daily round and I highly recommend them.

Orange oil smells likes highly concentrated fresh squeezed orange juice and is a delicious addition to your homemade eco-friendly all- purpose cleaner (2-3 drops of dish soap, 1/4 white vinegar for every cup of water mixed into a spray bottle).  Just add 10 – 20 drops.  It also deters termites (injected into wood around your home) and ants in any crevices.

Peppermint is my favorite for foot spray.  Mix 5 – 10 drops into a small travel sized spritzer (easy find at Target). It is a spicy, tingly antiseptic and keeps your feet fresh. Spray it in the air to keep you awake.  A drop or two in water relieves bloating.

Cedarwood essential oil smells like a cedar lined closet.  Add it to mineral or lemon oil and spread on waxed wood to give it a clean wood scent. Scrub your wood clean first with a sponge and dish soap or Murphy’s oil soap, then drying the wood well before buffing it with lemon or scented mineral oil.  It works on hardwood floors, cabinets, banisters, bookshelves, etc.  It makes a fine base for homemade perfume giving it a musky forest foundation to any mixture you create. It is a true insect repellent.  Use it in candle making or burn it over low flame in the summer on the patio to keep mosquitos away.

And excuse my disclosure here but Lemongrass is the prime ingredient in the famous Pooh-Pooh sprays used to safely eliminate odors in the toilet area.  It is also an organic form of pesticide and preserves ancient manuscripts made of palm leaves inhibiting decay.  It is an all around sweet smelling addition to any homemade all-purpose cleaner, home/body or foot spray.

This is just a sampling of what you can do with these four essential oils and I encourage you to explore the world of aromatherapy.  It is a ‘green’ way to clean, disinfect, spruce up and enhance your home life.

“Health is the greatest gift,

contentment the greatest wealth,

faithfulness the best relationship.”


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