Y2 – Day 120 – For Giving

Forgiving – Unconditional acceptance of another or situation is the gift you give to another through for giveness.  The giving therefore is always to one.  The love you give to another is also to oneself.

To forgive is to connect to the other’s spirit, to look past their form or mistake or personality and straight into their soul.  Forgiving and letting go is the bridge to the Universal Source.  If our only purpose is to heal, comfort or bless one another, then love has no limits.

Forgiveness is for you but this does not mean you forget and allow abuse or unpleasantness to continue.  Acceptance does not mean approval of certain unwanted, unwarranted or ugly behavior. It just means you remember to be in gratitude for your own progress past transgressions.  Be your authentic self by ending your own internal sickness and let the healing begin with you.

Own your perfect wholeness.

When we put ourselves down or beat ourselves up the outcome is usually depression or anxiety.  Your role on this planet is essential.  It is to see past your flaws your ego has convinced you we are riddled with and instead own your great spiritual power.  On a practical level, this translates as being as loving, kind or just cordial as possible to all.  It means you follow your bliss.  It means you are willing to forgive – especially yourself.  It means experiencing love, joy, happiness and peace.  And you cannot live in intimate joy with Spirit if you have grievances.

Divine Love cradles me.  I am willing to learn today.  I am willing to be ready to listen to love’s pure heart.  I am willing to be able to do love’s true work by forgiving with a gentle tone full of compassion.

Forgiveness is vital to everyone’s wellbeing.  Yield to the healing influence of forgiveness but do not disregard wrongdoing.

I feel Divine Love coursing through my veins and pass it on.  I know the outcome is none of my business or I may never know the result of the love filled extension I give but I want to and deserve to be happy, joyous and free.

I am but the instrument that love flows through.  And I release myself from the illusion of guilt.

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