Y 4- Day 245 – How Pregnancy and Writing Relate

Equating being pregnant to writing may seem a bit ridiculous yet I found some similarities. Finding parallels and connecting dots in order to make sense of things gives everything meaning. Here is what I found:

When I was pregnant, I walked and walked and walked. When I write I walk to get the juices going and to explore ideas. I like to walk and talk and think. I am a big walker.

When I was pregnant, I read a lot about pregnancy. I read a lot about writing when I am in the thick of it. I am a big reader and whatever I am involved with at the moment, I devour that knowledge to help me understand. Fear drives me to learn more.

When I was pregnant, I took Lamaze breathing classes and it wasn’t necessary. I have taken a few writing classes online and they haven’t been much help. It is going to happen one way or another is the common theme here, I guess.

When I was pregnant, I compared notes, asked questions and complained to women who had or were going through gestation. When I write, I contrast my first draft with published work, I need a lot of validation and I judge myself constantly. Lots of introspection and analogizing goes on no matter what I tackle.

When I was pregnant, I daydreamed and bonded with the baby in a fierce way. When I write, I fantasize and identify with the writing in a fervent way. I am one enthusiastic, intense and demanding mother and writer I guess. I know my kids are internally rolling their eyes right now, saying out loud, “You think?”

When I was pregnant, I prepared the baby room and counted down our child’s arrival. My body grew until the child was ready to be born. When a writer decides to publish, they arrange their schedule to meet the deadlines and take steps towards a launch. I believe I have been gestating at least three books in me since I was six years old and have yet to spit them out. One happens involuntarily, the other is a choice, carefully and slowly marinating until all the stars align.

When I was pregnant, I thought of nothing else. Everything I did related to my needs as a pregnant woman. As a writer, I need to remind myself to do the same or I won’t produce anything.

When I was pregnant, I felt special yet afraid. When I write, I lose track of time and I edit out much of my voice. Perhaps I need to re-think writing more authentically and setting up a timer.

This exercise gave me a chance to establish a criteria of what I need in order to accomplish a finished piece.

Boundaries and realities were explored for myself and others.

Therefore, I declare, I am a pregnant writer in process and progress.


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