Theme: Intro to Chakras

I am sooooo excited to share and begin this Chakra Series.  This potent yet invisible energy system is within us and can be understood, cleared, balanced and cleansed in such a way as to emotionally and physically enhance our lives.  Just practicing yoga asanas (poses) develops an intrinsic connection and awareness via opening, un-blocking and stabilizing these centers of personal power.  Each of us contain these circles of light in an electro-magnetic field whether you acknowledge it or not.  Clairvoyants and other highly sensitive people can actually sense/see/feel the chakras.  The belief in their existence is ancient and has been handed down throughout various sources and geographic locations.   New scientific research with powerful and delicate instruments have affirmed the presence of colorful vortexes situated along our spine.  It is believed that the 7 main chakras that we will be exploring, stimulating and adjusting  – can heal and affect our physical health, our emotional stability and our mental clarity.

Along with a carefully designed playlist that uses tones and sounds that are designed to resonate with our chakras, you will have the opportunity to experience the elixir (my signature goddess juice ) Chakra Balance which is comprised of over 8 different essential oils.  An introductory meditation to guide you to visualize, sense, and bring your attention to these swirling spheres will also be incorporated.

Don’t miss it!

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