Whenever you move, think or create – synchronize with your breath.  Perform each duet as a melody that ebbs and flows.

This is living meditation and existing in the now. It will undoubtedly enhance your awareness and enrich your life experience… moment by moment.

In turn, you will perceive with clarity what is truly important.  Your priorities will begin to shift.  Your viewpoint will widen.  But your focus will sharpen.

Inhale and exhale deeply right now, bring your attention to your surroundings and your inner emotions, observing and just being; no judgment.  Then take another breath, and continue perhaps with eyes closed or… while making a bed, washing dishes, at a stop light, waiting on line at a store, interfacing with your computer, starting your car, practicing yoga, walking, picking up children from school, etc….anytime.

Do it just for 5 minutes.  Then do it whenever you remember.  Soon it will be a place you go to for peace and re-grouping whenever you are angry, disturbed or perplexed.  It will give you pause before you react inappropriately.  It will give you time to think  and allow you the grace of perspective from a more authentic place within yourself.

May this Living Meditation bring you healing notes to the symphony of your practice, body and life.  May it ease your mind and fill your spirit.

Remember.  Remind yourself.


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