quality vs. quantity

“May your years be counted not by your age but by how you spend your days”.

– Catherine Pulsifer (self-help book author)

May my hours not be counted by days but by how I spend these moments.

Yes, ideally, quality and quantity.

Always choose quality over quantity.

What is quality in a person? It is substance, excellence and integrity. So, a quality life are days filled with purpose, well-spent and aligned with your values.

What is quantity in a person? It is an amount, a dosage and a measurement. Therefore, a long life does not equate with its inherent value as a comparison.

I know my life as a whole has been eventful yet it is the days of sobriety that have matured and honed me. Alas, as I see it, the time I have invested in it is as important as the quality of my recovery.

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