Green Theme

There is such a quantity of appealing shades of green;  the bright pop of a lime, the pleasant coolness of grass, the varied tones of leaves, the dazzle of the ocean in sparkly sunshine-filled light, the pastel bloom of sea foam, the elegant majesty of emeralds, the earthy delicacy of olives, the penetrating depth of jade and the alluring scent of green tea.

Green is the combination of blue/cool with yellow/warm.  This soothing hue balances and heals the mind, body and spirit.  Green is the color of life, the interweaving of giving and receiving and is associated with the love-centered heart chakra.

We will experience the aroma therapeutic delight of green tea mixed with a floral essence, faerie cards in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, heart opening, green crystal lucky and favorable energy and a guided meditation imbued in green – all encircled and enhanced by pleasing and restful music as always.

And for those of you who come to my yoga home studio, mint tea, as well.

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