class permanent day and time change and this week’s theme

Please note that Friday’s class has permanently moved to 10:30 am on Wednesdays.  This is a beginning basic yoga class.

FROGS are our theme this week – Yes! Frogs.

My very good friend, Peggy, just came back from Australia and gave me a wonderful candle holder with a frog motif.  According to her – F.R.O.G. is an acronym for Forever Relying On God.  Intrigued and having an extensive collection without ever knowing why, I did some research. Plus it is Leap Year  – so why not Frogs???

The Frog Pose in Yoga is called Bhekasana and is an advanced pose.  Frogs symbolize transformation and are most always associated with the Water element.  The frog totem or symbol helps us move smoothly through life’s transitions and encourages internal change.  In Japan, they are good luck charms for travelers and especially for a safe trip via water.  The frog also elicits emotional responses and is linked to lunar or yin/female energy.  They are prolific egg layers and even as far back as ancient Egypt have been considered a sign of fertility and therefore abundance. The frog also represents Metamorphosis and coming into your own creative power.  It enables you to go with the flow and to feel deeply.  All these qualities made me consider them a wonderful theme for the week.

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