It’s the distractions that have derailed me, mostly. Every time I commit to self, interruptions keep me from following through. Finishing projects, writing a book, completing courses and becoming all I could be is not because of a lack of time. It’s how I spend my time.

M gets up extra early so he can do all his paperwork before the rest of the world awakens, arrives and starts to sidetrack or intrudes on him.

I get busy, getting things done, sinking my teeth into a task and BOOM, I change course because I am easily led down rabbit holes or something or someone stops me. It happens either by an outside source like a phone call needing my attention or my own head wandering or flitting to another flower like a butterfly.

Mind control and discipline can be practiced with meditation. It regulates and concentrates your focus on the breath, for example, so you can ground yourself better. That’s YOGA in a nutshell. Using your body to breathe and move as if that’s all that existed in the world.

Sorry, M just walked in and I forgot my train of thought.

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