Day Dreaming

I can distinctly remember staring out of schoolroom windows and just drifting, checking out, having to snap myself back into the class when my name was suddenly called or just lured back into reality by a word, a bell, a sound, a gesture, a whisper or a movement as slight as a note being passed.

I’m still fantasizing, imagining and speculating ad nauseam when I journal in the morning. It’s a fact a life for me.

For example, I see a forest of white birches and cedars, blue spruce pines and Japanese maples. I smell the smoke of a wood fire warming a home protected from cool elements. I feel the fresh sting of snappy weather upon the face while wrapped in scarves, mittens and an old ski jacket. I hear the sound of leaves rustling and twigs crunching as tender footed deer step lively and chirpy squirrels scramble up trees. I taste snow on my tongue as it melts in my mouth with that odd metal flavor of icy water.

I think I am missing the mountains. I meant it as a joke that we might have to wait for the spring thaw and I KNEW I should have knocked on wood for I fear this actually might turn out to be true for the mountains are calling but the snow keeps on falling.

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