day 99 – Presidents’ Day

The truth is not everybody is going to like you especially if you’re trying to change his or her world.

The truth is you may have to make the ultimate sacrifice if you are committed to your convictions.

The truth is it takes a great person to do what is unpopular but righteous and godly.

And this person surely in hindsight was our 16th Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

The truth is that the truth does not need to be defended, justified or ever feared – because the truth always reveals itself in the end.

And so it is with all forward thinking persons – it can take more than a century for the general population to catch up.

He was born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana and lived in Illinois, and of course Washington DC.  He was six foot four inches tall.  His birthday was February 12.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Lincoln, the movie, I highly recommend you go before the Oscars, at a special showing.


“First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen” – George Washington was born on Feb 22.  In 1889, Washington State, the only state to be named after a president, was admitted to the union on his birthday.

Both these great men in American history had Courage, Honesty and Forethought.

They humbly served their country, believed in their ideals, cherished and insured the future  for us – before it was even here.

The truth is that living authentically can sometimes force you into leadership you never asked for but are obliged to be responsible for.


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