day 100 – Strange Happenings

“Somebody tried to break into my cabin.  We have him on camera.”   I texted my BFF last night.

“The patrol officer is out there right now.”  I added.

The intruder realized he was being filmed after turning around and spotting our infrared dot right in his eye from the downstairs entry. He pulled down his cap and proceeded to climb our big boulder to reach the camera and wrestled with it and finally took a wire cutter from his bag of tricks and cut the camera wires.  The whole thing was on tape.

If he hadn’t tampered with camera number four, we would have never even known he was there.

“Not too smart.” Said our hidden camera installer, the patrol officer and I.

“What a blooming idiot!” texted my BFF.

After a series of phone calls, sheriff reports and the repair of our camera just an hour ago, all is well.

Then this morning, “There’s been some sort of shooting or a series of shootings in town.” My husband indicated with his wake-up call.

I texted my BFF.  “ Oh my, now three people were shot dead on our freeway off ramp.  This mercury in retrograde in the middle of the Jupiter in retrograde is really scary”

Right before Super Storm Sandy pounded the East Coast, my BFF (an astrologer on the side) let me know we were in for a bumpy ride till Jupiter goes Direct (which is in April).  It seems this weekend we went into Mercury retrograde for a few weeks to come as well.

Is that why the chaos? Who knows?

All I know is that wonderful happens too.

My daughter E and I took a massage class together on Friday night and she kissed my forehead and said ‘Thank you for bringing me here and being my partner.”

On Saturday, my daughter V sent me pictures of famous paintings she saw at MOMA in NYC and reminded me of my days as an Art Masters mommy volunteer in her classroom.  On Sunday, we chatted and I relished hearing her voice.

On Saturday, I face timed with my son for an hour and got caught up with his life and work.

On Sunday, a friend thanked me profusely for being in her life.

This morning, I got to walk and talk with another gal I haven’t seen in a while.  I am so glad we are able to coordinate our schedules again.

Today, is my first day back in my writing class, this year.

.My husband is an absolute angel and gift to me, as always.

“Life can be fleeting, and you never know.” he just e-mailed me in all his wisdom.  We both have tried to savor every moment, been so awed by our blessings and constantly reflect on our good fortune.

My BFF, is only a text away!!

“Tell yourself…every lil thing is gonna be alright!” She reminded me.

“Yup. All is well. Blessed be the day for me and mine.  I love you.” I affirmed.

No matter what –

a gratitude list for what I truly cherish is always an attitude adjustment.

Thanks to the cameras, our alarm system and our local patrol in the mountains, our robber was unsuccessful and probably discouraged.

I feel lucky we were spared this morning with the freeway killings and all other times.

No matter what – seeing the silver lining in everything, eventually, is another form of thanksgiving.

May I always be so perceptive.


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