day 65 – “Me”

Why is it that sometimes the day doesn’t go like planned and then other times it’s pretty much on target?  Who knows?  But a better question is, how do you handle it?  Are you a stickler to your agenda?  Are you free flowing?  Does it chap your hide when someone cancels or are  you relieved?

Occasionally, I want to remove or delete an event and then miraculously it gets eliminated or moved for me by the universe.  It’s rare that I see something drop off my schedule and get annoyed.  Usually, I am happy to accommodate more “me” time.  How about you?

“Me” time sounds so selfish but it’s not.  It’s acknowledging the “me” that needs soothing, pampering and nurturing.  How else am I supposed to have patience, cater to your wishes or BE there for everyone else?

No matter what you do with your day – there are plenty of opportunities to become all fired up and unbalanced or to take a time out for “me”.  I vote for the serenity clause and if that means taking a mental health day, then so be it.  I hope I have helped.

Instilled in me is a sense of inadequacy or guilt if I am not doing much.  As I grow wiser and older, I realize sanity lies in the pockets of time I let go of and just allow the day to unfold.  As I get stronger and better at going with the flow, I understand life’s meaning and move forward with purpose.  And as I become this “me”, I grasp intention and ideas, loosely, wearing the cloak of the world rather lightly.

Happiness is letting go of the fear to live and Happiness is a choice. – “Me”


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