day 63 – Watch the Golden Globes!

Back from Palm Springs, unpacked, doing all the laundry, ate delicious Zena’s Lebanese tabouli, baba ganoush and hummus, visited my mom with my daughters and brought home 15 pounds of CA oranges, finally sat down to post and intend on watching Golden Globe red carpet and awards I remembered to tape, tout de suite as soon as I post.

Feeling refreshed and lighthearted!!!!

This is my friend Sue, owner of Canyon Rose Boutique at 218 N. Palm Canyon Dr. in Palm Springs.  Her clothes are eclectic, wearable, glam and feminine!  She’s the sweetest!  If you have seen me in something you liked, this is where I got it!  When BFF ML last came to town in 2010 we spent around four hours or so in her teeny shop trying on clothes!  BFF ML is coming to visit in March and we are ready to rock and get new garb!

Make sure you tape Downton Abbey tonight if you are watching the Globes!  I don’t want to miss Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  They are too funny!  I hope they do well this evening.  Enjoy!


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