day 49 – Countdown/364

On the 364th day of the year, after taking stock/inventory yesterday, it might be an auspicious time to complete yet another gratitude list.  Formerly, I posted an alphabet idea for listing your appreciation.  Perhaps today, a simple numerical list will suffice.  When you see everything as a miracle, because you have been given a second chance at life and know it, then you can be thankful for well over 364 million moments, never mind days.

In the top ten, I would have to include my husband, children, best friend and family .   Last year, the biggest disillusionments, confrontations and disappointments  were my greatest teachers.  The moments of peace and serenity were like calm seas and easy to ride.  The storms were just opportunities for growth.  The journey, relationships and lessons I learned, were all worth the ego-deflation and pain I put myself through for not letting go, going with the flow or understanding the truth behind the truth.

Yes, it is an appropriate time to be grateful for the clarity, the soundness of mind, the capability to listen, discern and evaluate all that took place up to 2012.

 the beauty that surrounds me, is inside of me and creates me

I explode with immense gratitude

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