day 4 – The Buzz

If you haven’t seen Argo or Flight – go soon!  Both feature superb performances by the leading actors, Ben Affleck and Denzel Washington, respectively,  as well as amazing, gripping at the edge of your seat action/suspense.  And especially important, they make you think.

Recently,  we went to see a small play How to Rewrite the Bible which was unexpectedly gnawing.  It took uncomfortable subjects like death and religion and complicated relationships like mother and son and riveted the audience with its smart script flashbacks and comic relief.  This weekend, Jeff Goldblum in Seminar which should be rather interesting considering it is about a writing class teacher and his students.

If you haven’t already gotten on the bandwagon – Downton Abbey will be back on Masterpiece Classics on your local PBS station in December and you can watch the first seasons on NetFlix.  The new Upstairs Downstairs Season just finished. Also, recommended for its beautiful cinematography, dialogue and costumes.

If you own a Kindle – I suggest downloading Elizabeth Street, a novel based on the author’s Italian grandmother’s true story – riveting!  Based in Little Italy, NYC and the Southern tip and islands of Italy back in the turn of the 20th century.  Also, if you liked Eat, Pray, Love you may enjoy The Bindi Girl.  It’s basically the diary of one woman on her quest in India.  It is not as good as Elizabeth Gilbert’s version but if you want more single girl goes to India in search of self, it is passable.  These two e-books were only available on Kindle at the time of reading.

Mystery:  Just finished Evil under the Sun by Agatha Christie.  Her dialogue moves the story along as always and her characters/plot intrigue and inform at a fast pace.  Hercule Poirot is her crime solver in this puzzler set on the coast of England.  I always imagine PBS’s David Suchet  playing the small mustached Belgian.

Just beginning Original Sin by PDJames.  I also place the actor from the PBS series in my mind’s eye here as well gingerly portraying  Inspector Dagliesh.  

I will list some great memoir and yoga books in tomorrow’s post. So stay tuned.

And then I wonder where all my time goes?


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