day 365 – One Year

After one year of consistently, constantly and consciously posting every day, I have learned three things about myself:

1)  I can do it, whatever IT is.  2)  I AM disciplined, after all.  3)  I CAN write.

Writers always speak of two activities:  a) Reading always, and b) Scheduling time to write.

I busied myself with reading, an entertainment, never a chore and I scheduled, even if it was 15 minutes everyday, to sit in front of my laptop and tick, tick, tock it.

Sometimes, I had no idea what to write about and it was the only allotted time in the day I had and I would sort of panic and pray something would download into my brain.  Those were a few of the better writing pieces.

Other days, I wanted to write about a certain restaurant or idea and something else would occur, that I couldn’t NOT write about.

I will keep you posted on recipes, thoughts, gardening, good reads, endeavors and life in general – Stay tuned for year two!

Thank you to my son for this website (he is my donor and benefactor) and thank you to my select readers ( I love when you post back).  Check out comments section.

Day 365 is not an ending, it’s just the beginning.


8 thoughts on “day 365 – One Year

  1. As for #3- you sure can, beautifully.
    As for #1 and #2- what an amazing undertaking and year. You inspire me (daily! and…) to discover those things in myself. Xoxo

  2. I knew this day would arrive! Congratulations! You inspire me and help me float! Merci Merci boucoup!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MAZEL TOV, CONGRATS, YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for you beautiful & inspiring writing, recipes and reminders of gratitude and life.

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