day 364 – Gratitude

November is the month of Gratitude.  But every month, week, day and hour should be appreciated.  If we get into gratitude, that feeling of peace that is evoked, we don’t have to get into destructive behavior or attitudes.  When we turn everything and everyone into something to be grateful for, we bless the situation or person.  When we have gratitude, we choose not to have a negative response, we choose instead to align ourselves with the highest good.  When we have gratitude, pity evolves into compassion, anger dissolves into understanding and sorrow transforms into acceptance. When we are grateful, we immerse ourselves in the comfort of unconditional love.  When we are grateful, we learn from the past and see all the gifts on our journey.  When we are grateful, it brings us sanity, peace and power over our situation by letting us release our hold on our expectations and instead reach for hope, being thankful for what is, in a state of Grace.

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