day 354 – Willfulness vs. Willingness

Things I learned this week, thought about and want to share:

I will not fear to look within today.

Once you release and admit any “shame” you no longer fear to share your emotions.

Do I make time my reality where I dwell in good and evil polarities or do I know at this moment in time, right now, I am one with Source, you and the Infinite?

I will not respond to any argument, statement or exchange of words until I listen to my inner wisdom.

I know I am doing something willfully when I am doing it out of fear and I have an investment in the outcome. VS.  I demonstrate willingness when I do something with love and my intention comes from a place of love.

Willfulness is needing to have the power or control OVER anyone/everything. VS.  Willingness is being open to the possibilities and letting the answers come from a higher plane.

We vs. I – Wellness vs. Illness

The power behind you is greater than the trouble ahead of you.

Divine Spirit releases me from every problem.

When you change your perception, that’s a miracle.

Recognize when you have a choice, question or decision to make – Is there resistance within you?  Listen to your intuition for the highest good.

The whole purpose of any spiritual program, the world over, in all its forms, is to remove the blocks to Love.  Otherwise, be wary.

The Power of Love IS the Truth.

The Truth never needs defending or has to be feared.

If every saint has a past, then, every sinner has a future.

Forgiveness is like training wheels.  It encourages you to love.  When you can ride; speak, be and believe in the Truth, let go, beyond symbols.

What awaits you is your True Nature.

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