day 313 – Consistent

Reminder about Consistency

Consistency is key.  Today, I will eat healthfully and only as much as I truly need.  I will exercise and I will rest.  I will be productive and engage positively with others.  I will seek help if needed and give aid when asked.  I will correct what I can fix, clean up or enhance my belongings, my environment and the sanctity of my inner rooms.  I will allow outcomes to be what they may be without my interference, judgment or attachment.  I will release and surrender the results and not whine when it doesn’t come out to my “perfect” specifications or look like my unrealistic fantastical demands in my head.  I will open my arms, mind and heart to ideas, people and circumstances with genuine interest, expectation, enthusiasm and pleasure.  I will succumb to the will of a higher, loving energy and pattern my thoughts, align my intentions and practice by example.

This truth, this path and direction, I need to be reminded of consistently, constantly and continuously in order to be committed to it and allow this process to create my character.  So…

I will make three copies of this and attach it to three index cards.  I will post one on my vanity mirror, keep one in my purse at all times and tape one to my car dash.  Feel free to do the same.

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