day 297 – Bathrooms

We have built two bathrooms from scratch and remodeled five during our adventures in homeownership but if we ever were to remodel another one, there are some new features worth installing and investing in and others not so much from the new era of bathrooms.  Our Las Vegas Loft was state of the art.  Everything was controlled by touch; drapes, sheers, lights, night lights, television, privacy/maid signs, dimmers and everything in the bathroom, including the Kohler fixtures and music or tv piping in via a wall remote.  My fingers were sore by the end of the second day but I had fun playing with all the gadgetry.

The television in the mirror saves space but was in my way because of my height.  I like a full mirror.  Having three different angles of water (rainfall, body shots and regular shower head) is not unusual and we have a jacuzzi shower system that has all three, just not squirting at you all at the same time.  I liked the attack of water from everywhere, it felt thorough and I felt clean.  Colored lights is something I would definitely invest in.  Although totally unnecessary, it was festive albeit dangerous if you shut off all the lights.

On the other hand it was simply delightful to soak in an infinity tub with bubbles and colors changing.  In this case,  turning down the lights would be encouraged and would not add any peril.  I would not invest in an infinity tub because the jet line was low enough for a shallower bath anyway but I would put my money behind a tub that dries itself once drained like this one did.  I had never even heard of that before and it worked well.  It keeps the tub cleaner.  The lights are a romantic, relaxing and rainbow experience.  Invest in them just for the wow factor.

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