day 299 – Words

Words can sting.  The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is inaccurate in my opinion.  Words do hurt.  Words do matter.  Words can make or break the deal, peace treaty or agreement.  Words can manipulate or cooperate with you. Words cut or heal.

Words have power.  Words diminish or uplift.  Words wrongly placed can be misunderstood; selectively ordered and chosen are lyrical and universally meaningful.

Words place you in a time, locale and say something about your personality.  Words describe internal nuance when shared openly and deeply.

Words provide encouragement or insult.  Words cause pain, reap damage or spread abuse.  Words help ease discomfort, show compassion or abate sorrow or confusion.

Words are your thoughts brought into this dimension we all share called reality.  Words initiate action or stymie someone’s dream.  Words can be nasty or elevating.

Who hasn’t lashed out and wished they could take their words back?  Who hasn’t written something awful and burned or hidden it?

I am not entertaining or suggesting restriction or banishment of words but I am implying words are potent, influential and believable so use them with caution.

Wars have been declared, bombs have been detonated and people have been murdered over words, ideas and words put into action.  Action is just the product of our words in motion.  What is your intent, motivation or reason behind your words?  Think.  Speak with authentic authority and without malicious rancor.

Words are humble yet strong mirrors of our psyche in form and when we speak or write them we give them substance.  The next time you write or speak, remember words are powerful tools or vicious weapons.  Remember restraint of pen and tongue or you may regret it.

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