day 268 – Angels

Did you know the Metrolink has an Angel car?  My daughter rode in the above accomodations on her way into the Anaheim Station from L.A. a couple of weekends ago.

She could see me waving frantically because I knew she was on the special Angel car, but I just saw tinted out windows.  The cutest thing about this incident and picture is that she got off at Anaheim station which is directly across and basically in the same parking lot as  Angel Stadium. I didn’t even know this special car even existed.  Is that our pitcher Weaver?  Unfortunately, we are having a troubled and disappointing season here in Angel land and the Halos’ performance is unreliable and problematic.

But the spirit and pride of our baseball team lives on for all to see on the commuter train.   Trains transport and connect us to various destinations on the rails.  Now, it seems, they also inspire and cheer-up stations, waiting family and its travelers with its painted wagons.

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