day 255 – Dedication

I dedicate this year to my writer self. Or to however and whatever my HP wants me to be and mold me into.

Let it be the Source’s will and may I be graced with optimum health in spirit, in body and in mind.

May I communicate clearly, concisely, consciously and compassionately.

May I reach for the stars but remain firmly planted on terra firma in order to be hope as well as practical help to others; to guide, to transfer information, to inform subtly or powerfully and to encourage.

May I blossom with practice, may I unfold in new ways and may I deliver the goods.

Oh, Universe, give me the understanding, the space to love and write and the discipline to organize my thoughts.

May I explain with simplicity, design with an authentic eye and embrace each moment with awe, wonder and appreciation.

Bless me, bless all around me and thank you.

Use me as an instrument of divinity, of humanity and the connection between the two.

May I be able to write about the Universe and the Soul in Earthly terms and may I be able to reach others with insight and depth.

This is my prayer.

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