day 244 – Festive Consciousness

I love today so far.  I breathe, attract and feel enriched by this moment.  I get to live and move about and do and BE.  I am completely overtaken by the task, by the beauty, by the pure JOY of life.

People are in my heart.  Dead, past and now people.  Who hasn’t touched me in some way?  Who hasn’t been instrumental to my growth?  Even when I consider “negative” encounters, I am convinced it has taught me in some form or manner; about myself, about human frailty and imperfection or about choices we all get to make or break.

I’m infatuated by the cruelty, the massiveness and the endurance of Nature as well as its fragility, microscopic existence and its outstanding artistry.

I relish every breath and pump of my heart and all who journey with me in this moment in time, on this planet Earth.

The life force generously flows through me.  My senses are “on.”  I have a clear and fascinating clear picture of my surroundings, the connections, the absolute blessing, grace and beatitude of the DIVINE in everything.

Do I attribute this bliss to an emotional response or are my feelings deriving from the celebratory knowing of this truth?

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