day 220 – Everyday

Everyday, I look for a gift.  What has the day brought me, I ask before putting my head to lie on the pillow.  What lesson have I learned, what task could I have done better, to whom do I need to make amends?  This has been my personal practice for many years, almost a decade.  It humbles, soothes and instructs me well.  Then, I thank my higher power for the day and for keeping me and mine in good health and safe.

Every morning, I ask for help, guidance and to be of service.  How can I put someone else’s needs before mine? What obligations need to be taken care of today and in what order of priority?  I check in with my attitude and adjust it.  My morning writing helps me to dislodge dusty spider webs from my mood.  When I don’t do my morning meditation or writing, it shows, just ask my family.   Allowing my human energy to release problems, judgments and fear through my morning writing practice opens my soul to perform daily events in a spiritually enhanced mode. Then, I start the day, knowing it will flow exactly the way it’s supposed to and all I need to do is get out of the way and put one foot in front of the other.

Does this scenario sound saintly?  I don’t manage to do anything perfectly but my aspiration to do the right thing, let things go and be grateful sometimes does click.  Today was one of those days, so far.  Granted, nothing pressing was on my plate but then again I have lived days where everything went awry even with little of note on the agenda.  I have survived days I didn’t think were possible with grace and ease because my connection to my inner strength was strong and unwavering.  I notice my day goes better when I ask for help, show my vulnerabilities and balance that with a confident awareness that I am loved.

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