day 218 – Re-Direct

As you can see by my new title and website domain name, I have officially changed to a more focused but still all encompassing blogging site.

In the next few days and weeks, I will be re-configuring, re-developing and re-designing the look, layout and content.

I aim to have headings you can click on to and read by category.  I will update with new pictures and written work daily as usual (that’s a commitment to self) but I’d like to eventually have it arranged in some sort of order under a designated section.

This is my goal and I have a vision.  It might take some time to mutate and transform, but a new and improved animal will emerge.

So I ask, dear reader, please be patient with me during this process.

Whether you type in ceciliabsteger or, you will be re-directed or directly sent to this site.

This is a timely endeavor as we are in Mercury Retrograde and according to my astrologer, ML(BFF extraordinaire), it is a great time to re-do, renew or review absolutely anything and everything.  So, if you have plans to re-model, re-invent yourself or repair anything….this is an auspicious time to do so.  But, not a good time to purchase machinery, electrical or technical products.  Apparently, this time period extends till the middle of July.  Take advantage of successful renovations in these propitious times.

Wish me luck!



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